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May 4, 2019 - 1 minute read

How Will Digital Advertising Work Now That Privacy Is Here to Stay?

Ad blockers. Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention. GDPR. Cambridge Analytica. It’s now undeniable: the door is closing on unfettered user-level data and behavioral targeting, and marketers, publishers, and digital ad platforms are being forced to adapt. Yet, marketing budgets aren’t going away and digital advertising should continue to thrive, albeit under a different industry mindset. Here are a few predictions on how that might look.

Contextual targeting will experience a renaissance

As the ability to behaviorally target becomes more restricted, expect contextual targeting to re-emerge, yet with a great deal of room to grow. Statically defined contextual targets such as location and content topic are relic, the stuff of magazines and broadcast television.

Every moment of every day, we all experience in-the-moment contexts that are unique to us. Next-generation contextual targeting will have to be dynamic, ready and waiting to serve relevant ads when the right contextual opportunities present themselves.

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